Navy Medicine Electronic Library (NMEL) OpenAthens Self-Registration Form

This OpenAthens account provides off-network access to the high-quality, evidence-based medical, nursing, and allied health information resources provided by the Defense Health Agency (DHA). It can also be used as a workaround to access library resources when experiencing problems with direct IP access while on the DHA network. Only those listed below are authorized to register.

Authorized users must register for OpenAthens with their health.mil or us.navy.mil email address. Those with a .mil email outside of this scope (eg. socom.mil), please email the NMEL for registration.

Please enter your details on the form below. Please note that all fields marked * must be completed otherwise you will be unable to submit your application.

If you do not belong to any of the libraries listed below, select "Navy Medicine Electronic Library"

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Should you have any problems using the service or registering please contact your OpenAthens administrator using the contact details below.

Library Service Name Email Phone Website
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Library Services Lisa Eblen usn.hampton-roads.nmrtc-portsmouth-va.list.nmcp-library@health.mil (757) 953-5386
Navy Medicine Electronic Library Navy Medicine Electronic Library (NMEL) dha.ncr.education-trng.mbx.navy-medicine-electronic-library@health.mil

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