Apply for an OpenAthens account provided by NMOTC

This account will give you access to the library’s electronic resources using a single username and password from any computer with an internet connection.

Before you register, be aware of the following:

  1. Register on-site from your NMOTC duty location; once registered, you can then access from on and off-site.
  2. Supply a valid ".mail.mil", ".navy.mil" or ".usmc.mil" email address to receive your username and activation code.

Please enter your details on the form below. Please note that all fields marked (*) must be completed otherwise you will be unable to submit your application.

Should you have any problems registering or using the service you should contact your OpenAthens administrator: Viola Miller on (850) 452-3517 or at viola.s.miller.civ@mail.mil

For information on how your data is used and stored, please view the OpenAthens Privacy Policy.