Register for an OpenAthens Account

Only authorised users who do not have an NHS Wales NADEX account need an OpenAthens account to access NHS Wales licensed resources.

Existing self-registered users: please click on forgotten password page if you have forgotten your OpenAthens password.

To register for an OpenAthens account, select your employing organisation from the list below, complete all sections and click on the submit button.

Before you register, please read the authorised user list to ensure that you are eligible for an NHS Wales OpenAthens account. New self-registration accounts will need to be processed by an OpenAthens administrator which could take a couple of working days. Once authorised, your OpenAthens account is valid for an initial period of 18 months or 3 months for retired NHS Wales employees, after which you will receive an automated request to renew. Your account and all personal saved searches will be deleted if you do not renew. Registering for an NHS Wales OpenAthens account signifies your agreement to the OpenAthens terms and conditions.

Please enter your details on the form below. All fields marked * must be completed.

Is your position permanent or temporary?

If you submit this request from the NHS Wales e-Library intranet or use your NHS Wales email address, you should be able to access resources within 24 hours. Note that for verification purposes, internet requests may take a few days to process.

If you have any questions about getting an account, please contact us.